Pear Drop
Absolut Pear Vodka, Orange Liqueur, splash of grapefruit juice, cranberry juice
served in sugar rimmed martini glass
A twist on the classic lemon drop

Pomegranate Liqueur, Vodka, splash of lemon juice & pineapple juice
Fun to order, fun to drink

Coconut Margarita
1800 coconut tequila, orange liqueur, lemon, lime, pineapple & orange juice
Served in a salted glass
Hawaii meets Mexico equals Aloha & Adios!

Rum, crushed mint, lime juice, splash of 7-up
The essential summer classic

Gin, crushed mint, crushed cucumber, lime juice, splash of 7-up
Cucumbers? Crazy, but verrry refreshing

White Mochatini
"3 Olives" triple espreso vodka, white chocolate liqueur,
Splash of cream
A caffeinated pick-me-up

Tito’s Moscow Mule
Tito’s vodka, Fever Tree ginger beer & fresh lime
So good you’ll bray for more!

Blood Orange Manhattan
Bulliet bourbon, Solerno blood orange liqueur, orange bitters
and a dash of sweet vermouth
For when you’re feeling a little uptown!

Silver Tequila, Orange Liqueur, lime juice, lemon juice splash of
cranberry juice, served w/ a salted rimmed glass
As we say at the hobnob, muy delicioso!


Draft Beer
Trumer Pilsner * Sierra Nevada Pale Ale * Racer 5 IPA
Thirsty Bear Grizzly Bear * Ace Hard Apple Cider
Line 51 Blonde IPA * Guinness
* Come in to check our 4 rotating seasonal taps *


Domestic Bottles
Budweiser * Bud Light * Coors Light
PBR Tall Boy


Import Bottles
Heineken * Corona * Tecate * Buckler (Non-Alcholic)


Premium Bottle
Chimay Red